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4 ideas to make childrens homework bearable, if not even fun!

I can’t believe that some kids are three weeks back to school already. The evenings have already started to get shorter and cooler and the old dreaded homework may also be starting to cause problems. In our latest blog feature, we look at four short methods that might make homework fun for your kids and if not quite fun, these ideas should at least make the whole homework issue easier on both kids and parents. Again, your feedback is more that welcome and if you have any ideas for future coolbaby blog topics, please let me know. I would like to thank http://www.wahm.com/ for some ideas on this topic.

1. Give Rewards

Create a reward system for homework assignments. You can reward your child with one hour of TV time or PSP game time after homework is done. Food is not good compensation; the association of food with reward will create a bad health habit. You can up the fun by giving bigger rewards to higher achievements. You can offer a trip to your child’s favorite park or take the family on a mini-excursion if an “A” is on the homework result.

The best reward is sometimes not games, or toys; sincere warm hugs are oftentimes the perfect incentive for a studious child. Be careful not to use praise too often; this might teach children to seek outside approval.

2. Eradicate Distractions

You can help your child focus by making the homework the most enjoyable activity available for that moment; hide things that compete with the attention of your kid. Cell phones, television, computer, PSPs and MP3 players must be turned off and out of sight. Let them appreciate these items as luxuries and not daily privileges.

3. Join Them in Their Homework

Surprise them once in a while by joining them at their study table. When they see that you are interested, they will think that it is “cool” for them to be involved with the subject too. In this situation, you will have the opportunity to monitor study habits and any improvements.

Don’t, however, overdo this practice. It is good to guide them in the areas that are difficult, but when you nag, children are choked as they try to meet your standards; that’s not a fun way to learn.

And my personal favorite…..

4. Instill Reading Values

The best way to encourage a homework-friendly life is to instill reading time as part of the family routine. Reading perks up the child’s interest for information. Reading opens up children’s hunger for learning; homework will not be enough of an outlet to quench this knowledge thirst. Reading will encourage a child to fulfill career dreams and is a driving force to make homework fun. Reading to your children also helps to improve vocabulary, which will make their homework assignments easier.

Parents need to communicate openly with children so they understand the value of the activity first. When children are treated as being capable and responsible, they will start to do it themselves without nagging (nagging tells them that it is your responsibility and not theirs).

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