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1 Create your own design


Create your own design for a babygrow, t-shirt, hat or bib using your own text for a unique gift for your kids or family or friends. Create your own design allows you have some fun as well as purchase a unique gift that you wont find in any shop. If you are struggling for inspiration or are not sure about your options, just e-mail us on and we will walk you through the steps or give you advice with no promise of purchase of course.  If you have a particular idea in mind and would like to add and image, we will try to assist you. Just add your request in the customer notes in the cart or e-mail us We will confirm any additions to your desing with you before finalising the printing.

Text on personalised items is best limited to 50 characters (this includes spaces, punctuation marks such as full stops, question marks, exclamation marks etc). However, if you need to have more than this – don’t worry – we will fit it in – the text just might end up being a little smaller. Please don’t ask us to print inappropriate material (bad language, insults, copyrighted quotes/slogans or other offensive text).



Create your own design by typing your own text. An excellent and fun idea for your kids or as a gift for boys and girls. Personalised Gifts from


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